Vision & Values

Syncrude’s Vision and Values were developed in the early 1990s to lead us in our commitment to responsibly develop the oil sands resource. These guide us every day and in everything we do.

securing canada’s energy future


The visions to lead the knowledge to succeed the commitment to do better and the heart to win the race

We Will Achieve This By:

Encouraging learning and innovation in everything we do;
Pushing the limits of what technology can accomplish;
Working together to make Syncrude the best place to work.
In this way we will be Safe, Reliable, Responsible and Profitable and all our stakeholders will want to invest in our future.

our guiding

We are safe, reliable, responsible and profitable

We each contribute to business success by working safely, reliably, and cost effectively, and consider our impact on local communities and the environment

We have the courage and conviction to do what is right

We achieve our results with courage, wisdom and integrity – being ethical in all our endeavors, principled in our decisions and accountable for our actions.


We uphold the dignity and worth of our colleagues and everyone we interact with in our communities.

We value diversity in our workforce and communities

We are an inclusive organization which respects and values diverse backgrounds, characteristics, experience and perspectives.

We realize our potential

We create an environment where everyone fully develops and engages in our business by applying their skills and abilities.

We continuously improve

We actively seek out and apply new ideas and learnings so we can continuously improve every aspect of the business.


We value and recognize sound judgment, initiative and commitment as key components of performance and development.

We are a participative organization

We are involved in the design of our work, actively seeking input and collaboration from others while understanding the decisions that affect us.

We create our own future

We learn from the past, anticipate future needs, and implement strategies that are sustainable over the long-term.

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