COVID-19 Response

We’re all in this together

Syncrude continues to actively respond to the threat of the COVID-19 virus and is taking the necessary measures to help prevent further spread. Nothing is more important than protecting the health and well-being of our employees, contractors, their families, and our community.

How we are responding

As part of Syncrude’s ongoing efforts, we follow the guidance of leading health authorities, including Alberta Health, Health Canada and the World Health Organization, and adhere to recommended preventative measures.

Very stringent protocols are in place to help keep all workers safe on our sites including:

  • We shifted to having only site-critical workforce at all locations until after the holiday season.
  • Physical distancing protocols require workers to maintain a six foot distance at all times unless a physical barrier is in place. Physical distancing is also in place on transportation provided by Syncrude with ridership capacity reduced and assigned seating for all passengers, in the event that contact tracing is required. This includes transportation both on our site and on the commuter coaches to and from Fort McMurray. Seating protocols are also in place for all other transportation, including personal vehicles, arriving at our sites.
  • All conference and lunch rooms have been reconfigured to ensure six feet distancing is possible and observed.
  • Well-defined hygiene practices are in place, including deep-cleaning and sanitizing, and an inventory of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available to all on-site staff.
  • Mask use is mandatory across Syncrude worksites. This applies to any vehicle, including buses and all Syncrude-provided transportation, where workers are not the sole occupant. Masks must be worn when both boarding and exiting the vehicles.
  • Required confirmed completion of the Alberta Health Service’s online COVID-19 self-assessment tool by all staff reporting to any Syncrude site or office location.
  • Restrictions on non-essential business travel.
  • Regular communications are issued to employees and contractors on updated preventative measures and mandated protocols.
  • Workers must not come to work if they are feeling ill or have possible symptoms. An enhanced illness reporting system clearly outlines expectations and is communicated on a regular basis.
  • Extensive measures are in place to respond if a worker begins exhibiting symptoms while at work, including immediate isolation and deep cleaning of their work space.
  • Observation monitoring by a dedicated team helps ensure workers are familiar and complying with all preventative protocols and Alberta Health Services guidelines.
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Commitment to responsibility

As an identified essential service, Syncrude is doing our part to provide the energy needed to get critical goods and services to health-care providers, communities and essential businesses. We remain steadfast in our approach to responsible operations and are pleased we can continue contributing to our region’s economic well-being while supporting the well-being of our employees, contractors, and local community.

Letter to the community

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