Contractor Learning

Syncrude has created a new online learning platform for contractors. This Contractor Learning Academy is used to register for classroom or virtual classes and to complete any self-study training requirements as part of contract work on Syncrude sites.

The Learning Academy contains training specific to working on Syncrude site to ensure that contractors and Syncrude employees all work safely together.

Contractor companies are responsible to ensure their workers arrive at site with all other safety and training qualifications that are not site-specific. 

To access the Contractor Learning Academy, contractors will need to create an account with an email and password. It can be accessed from a computer or mobile device i.e., iPhone or Android phone.

Site Access Requirements

On July 12 Syncrude transitioned to a new Contractor Site Access Orientation as well as area specific orientation. Please see link below for details:
Contractor Site Access Requirements

Cyber Security

All users with Syncrude LAN/Email access will have 21 days to complete the Cyber Security course in Contractor Learning from the date of receiving access to the Syncrude LAN/Email.

Failure to complete the Cyber Security course within 21 days will result in the loss of your Syncrude LAN/Email Access.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is not required if you do not have Syncrude email address.

Resources for the Contractor Learning External Academy

Terms & Conditions

By logging into the Contractor Learning Academy, you are consenting to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Once you login, you will also click on the “Agree” button indicating you will comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Agreement and Consent to Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information

Syncrude is committed to maintaining the security, confidentiality, integrity and privacy of Contractors’ personal information. All personal information collected, used, and disclosed will be handled in compliance with the Alberta Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). You will be required to input your primary email address to access the Contractor Learning Academy. If you do not wish to use a personal email address and do not have a company email address, please discuss an alternate option with your supervisor.

By logging into the Contractor Learning Academy, you are confirming that you have been instructed by your company to do so and/or are authorized to view this information.

Agreement for Secure Use of the Contractor Learning Academy

As a user of the Contractor Learning Academy, I understand that I will be required to input information into the forms and fields utilized by the Learning Management system.
I confirm that:

  • I am accountable for all information entered, or reports generated using my credentials. All information inputted into the Contractor Learning Academy by myself is accurate and truthful.
  • I have not, and I will not share my log-in credential(s) with anyone, including while on vacation, nor will I leave my devices authenticated in the Contractor Learning Academy running unsecured (i.e. unlocked) when I am away from my device.
  • I understand that the information I will be entering, modifying or viewing in the Contractor Learning Academy may be classified as Syncrude Use Only and/or Private information under Syncrude’s Management and Protection of Information Application Guidelines (“MPI Guidelines”). I will treat all learning content containing this information in accordance with the MPI Guidelines. In particular, I will not permit learning materials or on-screen displays to be viewed by unauthorized persons, I will not distribute or use any learning materials without Syncrude consent and I will ensure all printed information or electronic files are secured and labelled in accordance with the MPI Guidelines.

If you are experiencing access or technical issues, please contact for assistance.

* The featured image was taken pre-COVID-19.

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