Community Investment

Syncrude is proud to support organizations and endeavors in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and select initiatives in Northern Alberta that focus on:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Health Safety & Environment
  • Indigenous

Each year, Syncrude awards about $6 million to community organizations working to make a difference. Whether it’s investing in local infrastructure, stocking the food bank or opening the doors to learning, Syncrude is committed to making a difference in the communities where our employees live and work. We also support our approximately 4,900 employees in their individual volunteering efforts to create better communities, and provide scholarships at educational institutions across Alberta.

How we provide assistance

We may provide assistance in the form of funds, materials/equipment or employees’ time and expertise for projects that focus on four key investment areas: Community, Education, Health Safety & Environment, and Indigenous initiatives. The goals of these key investment areas are to:

  • Foster strong, vibrant, and sustainable communities, which help attract and retain a skilled workforce in the areas where we operate.
  • Develop a current and future workforce with enhanced skills and knowledge to support Syncrude and the community’s labour needs.
  • Support health, safety and environment in the region to protect the quality of life and wellbeing of residents and our environment.
  • Encourage thriving Indigenous communities, and thereby provide opportunities for our Indigenous Neighbours who participate in the benefits of oil sands development.

Priority will be given to Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo region and select initiatives in Northern Alberta.

Since 2015, we’ve donated over 

$36 million

to the communities in which our employees work and live.

Selection criteria

Syncrude considers a number of criteria when selecting community investment projects, including:

  • Privately-initiated projects or programs (rather than government-funded)
  • Potential benefit to the community and community support
  • The applicant’s contributions to the project
  • The applicant’s initiative, planning, assessment of community need and collaborations with other organizations
  • Support from multi-stakeholder groups
  • Relationship to the oil sands industry, ability to encourage broad public support for Syncrude and opportunity for our employees to use their talents and expertise
  • Sound and measurable objectives, a well-planned approach and a high probability of producing meaningful, positive results
  • Financial need based on assessment of past revenue sources and use of funds
  • One-time contributions are favoured over recurring needs but long term, multi-year projects are considered based on enduring community benefits
  • Other criteria may also be considered

Ineligible organizations and projects

The following organizations and projects are not eligible for community investment funding from Syncrude:

  • Individual pursuits or research
  • Religious organizations or cultural initiatives that are for the benefit of the membership or faith community only
  • Political Parties/candidates (except as permitted under the Relationships with Government Application Guidelines)
  • Lobby groups
  • Labour organizations
  • Private or Charter schools
  • Home school programs
  • International relief funding
  • Private Clubs funded through membership fees
  • Research Chairs
  • Organizations in a conflict of interest with our business
  • Requests for funds after the planned event to offset budget shortfalls

Syncrude’s community investment application

To apply for funding, click on the following link: Apply for funding

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