Students and New Grads

We want to give a head start to your career success. Syncrude offers great programs for students and people just launching their careers. We bring in students from all over Canada for enriching work terms and summer positions, and our Initial Professional Development Program (IPDP) hires new graduates from post-secondary institutions into a variety of disciplines.

Student work terms

Syncrude has three student intakes per year for co-op positions, in January, May and September, for work terms ranging from four to eight or 12 months.  We also offer summer positions between May and September in fields related to your school studies.

These opportunities are posted on our website on the following schedule:

  • January/February: for May intake and summer positions
  • May/June: for September intake
  • Sept/Oct: for January intake

Postings are also available at your campus Co-op office and campus student employment centre.

Our students enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

  • Competitive salary
  • Strong mentorship in a great work environment
  • 16 annual days off, pro-rated from your first day of work to your end date.*
  • Free accommodation (this is a taxable benefit) **
  • Free transportation from/to your educational institution **
  • A wide variety of recreational activities including hiking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, camping, mountain biking tennis, soccer, football and hockey… and so much more.

Please contact our Campus Recruiter to learn more about how Syncrude is a workplace of choice for students.

* Depends on shift team assignment
** Fort McMurray only

General summer student program

Summer employment opportunities are open to the children and spouses of permanent Syncrude employees and retirees. Interested candidates should apply online here. Look for a job title that reads: Student – General Summer Student Program, with a May start date. Selection priority will be given to candidates who have not had a previous summer work term at Syncrude.

General Summer Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a dependent of a permanent or term Syncrude employee, or a Syncrude retiree.
  • Must currently be a full-time post-secondary student in a program that is at least two years in length.
  • Must be returning to full-time studies in September.

Initial professional development program

Our Initial Professional Development Program (IPDP) hires new graduates from post-secondary institutions across Canada into a variety of different disciplines. IPDP ensures new grads like you get the opportunities and training you need to grow and succeed at Syncrude. So ask a lot of questions and be ready to learn.

Syncrude provides furnished accommodations for our summer discipline and co-op discipline students, except for those students whose guardian currently live in Fort McMurray. Student residences are within walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, exercise facilities, parks, trails and other amenities. Landline telephone, cable and Internet charges are also covered by Syncrude.

Please notify Syncrude’s Accommodation Coordinator as soon as you get your Offer Package.

Syncrude-provided accommodation is considered a taxable benefit by the Canada Revenue Agency. The appropriate dollar amount will be added to your bi-weekly pay for income tax calculation and will be included in your T4 slip.

Other workplace experience programs

  • Career Prep:  Includes Grades 11 and 12 internships, as well as educator internships
  • Work Experience: Unpaid work experience opportunities for post-secondary students
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day: One-day job shadowing for Grade 9 students

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