Syncrude 2022 Project Mâmawi


We’ll complete our 2022 Project Mâmawi scope safely and effectively with the support of the Building Trades unions and professional skilled tradespeople like you.

Project Mâmawi is a planned maintenance event on Syncrude’s 8-1 Coker and associated process units. About 2,200 craft personnel will be required to execute this project.

Pre-work and related events commenced in March 2022 for select trades with the main event taking place mid-July, 2022. Craft personnel will be working 10-hour shifts, while those supporting the Critical Path will be on 12-hour shifts; unless otherwise required.

Already part of the Mâmawi Turnaround? Click here for all you need to know.

Accommodation will be provided and operated by Civeo Lodges, which are all located close to Syncrude’s Mildred Lake site. Guests will have private rooms and bus transportation will be provided between the Lodges and the Syncrude worksite.?

Travel assistance protocol will be available to secure specific craft.

For your protection, COVID-19 safeguards and practices have been in place and will continue in accordance with the local and federal health authorities, as well as those of Suncor Energy. All workers are expected to adhere to these guidelines while working on our sites; they are in place for your safety as well as the health and well-being of other workers and neighbouring communities.

A Choice for Safety

As we prepare to welcome teams to execute Syncrude’s 2022 Project Mâmawi Event, focus and commitment from all workers will be required in order to carry out the plan safely. Safety has always been at the forefront of the way we work. Therefore, it’s important for us to all work together to adhere to the workplace health and safety processes across the site and commit to following all procedures and guidelines. Our number one priority is always the health and safety of workers.

We continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on workers at our site. We have developed protocols to keep everyone safe. To help stop the spread, Syncrude requires all workers to adhere to these protocols and keep informed about our ongoing response to COVID-19 as we work together to protect all of our workers and their families.

Throughout the pandemic, Syncrude’s dedication to safeguarding the health and well-being of its employees has been a shining example of how to protect workers in the oil sands. I’m pleased to say Syncrude is a leader in COVID-19 safety and I applaud them for working with stakeholders like BTA to put best practices in place – and adjust them as needed – to ensure worker safety remains paramount. Syncrude is a valued ally in the battle against workplace COVID-19.

– Terry Parker, Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

Syncrude, in collaboration with Diversified Transportation, has implemented comprehensive measures and actions to ensure the safety of our bus passengers.?Sanitization after every shift, enhanced cleaning of units, seat barriers to further limit exposure and the addition of the electronic manifest are all layers of protection added for workers.

– Sammy Mujahid, Syncrude Account Manager, Diversified Transportation

Syncrude Site Access Requirements (one of the following must be presented)

  • Common Safety Orientation (CSO)
  • Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)
  • CSTS and OSSA Regional
  • Been on the Syncrude sites within the past year

Syncrude Identification Requirements

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Permanent Residency Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Status Card (Federally Issued)
  • Provincial ID Card (this is not a health card, similar to a driver’s license see below)
    • Note Accepted Provincial ID Cards for Non-Drivers:
      • B.C. Identification Card
      • Alberta Identification Card
      • Saskatchewan Identification Card
      • Manitoba Identification Card and Manitoba Enhanced Identification Card
      • Ontario Photo Card
      • New Brunswick Photo Identification Card
      • Nova Scotia Identification Card
      • Newfoundland and Labrador Photo Identification Card
      • Prince Edward Island Voluntary Identification
      • Yukon General Identification Card
      • Northwest Territories General Identification Card 
      • Nunavut General Identification Card
      • *****Quebec does not issue a photo card for non-drivers*****

Any of the above must be the original document, must be valid (e.g. not expired) and must include a photo. (e.g. A Temporary Driver’s License is not acceptable as there is no photo). IMPORTANT – INDIVIDUALS WHO CANNOT PRESENT ANY OF THE ABOVE APPLICABLE ID WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ACCESS THE SYNCRUDE SITE FOR WORK.

Pay & Benefits

Syncrude upholds all Alberta Building Trades Collective Agreements, which offer highly competitive wages for Skilled Trades in Canada.

Syncrude Location Services (RFID Badges)

All Mâmawi workforce is required to have an RFID badge as part of their mandatory PPE. In order to be issued an RFID badge, individuals must review the Syncrude Location Services Orientation Video in advance through their companies, present a valid Syncrude ID badge and sign an electronic Consent Form at the camp badging stations.

RFID badge must be worn at all times while onsite and be taken back to camp at the end of shift.

Travel & Accommodations

Syncrude’s Lodge provider, Civeo, has been working in close consultation with medical professionals, government health authorities, third-party experts, and their customers to proactively implement the COVID-19 safety measures found here:

Civeo Alberta protocols for preventing and responding to COVID-19.

Civeo is operator of Athabasca and Beaver River Lodges, which will be the lodging and food hosts for Project Mâmawi participants for the duration of your contract. Bus transportation between the Lodges and the Syncrude worksite is also complimentary and we will be providing uninterrupted transportation services from the Lodges to designated work locations at Syncrude Mildred Lake Site. These buses will service Conversion, Utilities and Offsites as well as the Hydroprocessing areas. Busing schedules will be posted and available at the lodges and on the lodge provider websites for your convenience; please note these schedules are subject to frequent changes.

Athabasca Welcome Sheets
Wolverine Welcome Sheets

  • All rooms are equipped with TVs, desks, lockable storage & dresser and telephones for internal use and local calls.
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Travel to Fort McMurray and back to your home destination is your responsibility.
  • The Syncrude Mildred Lake site is about 50 km north of Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM).
  • The site is also immediately adjacent to Highway 63, which is now twinned.

Working here: What your colleagues say

I’ve been coming to Syncrude since 1983 keep coming back because it is a leader in the industry, has a good work environment and good people working there.? Syncrude also has the best scaffolding.

Grant, Journeyman Boilermaker

The people are welcoming, my job in the Turnaround Logistics group allows me to interact with many different folks, and the safety intervention program is great.

Holly, Labourer

I like that I work with people and not for people — you’re a team member.? The atmosphere, the commitment to safety and the people make Syncrude a great place to work.

Anthony, Operating Engineer

Syncrude is recognized as a leader in the way it treats tradespeople, by offering a safe jobsite with good working conditions and accommodations.

Warren Fraleigh, Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

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