Pathways 2021 magazine launches

There are many pathways to success.

It can come from reconnecting ourselves with traditions through song and dance, from building outreach programs that connect students with communities, or from reflecting on the legacy of our parents and celebrating their impact on an entire community.

Inspiring stories like these can be found in Syncrude’s Pathways 2021 magazine. It captures the journeys, achievements, connections, contributions and efforts of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples — and brings light to Indigenous culture, history and traditions.

Take, for example, Mitch Mercredi. Growing up in Fort Chipewyan, traditions like the powwow were not part of his life. As a teenager, Mitch attended a cultural rediscovery event that sparked his imagination and inspired him to learn more about his people’s traditional ways of life. As a young adult, Mitch’s fascination led him to join his first drum group. From there, he explored further aspects of his culture and soon found his calling in powwow.

Mitch is a father now and shares his traditions and way of life with his three children. All three dance in the powwow and he and his wife, Crystal, are raising their next generation to be proud and embrace the traditions and values of their culture.

“Providing a platform to share Indigenous perspectives and lived experiences is a vital part of Syncrude’s commitment to our Indigenous communities,” says Kara Flynn, VP, Government and Public Affairs

Indigenous people contribute in a major way to our company’s success. The relationships we have built have created more resilience in our business, in our region’s communities, and in our ongoing reclamation efforts.

– Kara flynn

Syncrude operates on the traditional lands of five First Nations and six Metis Locals, and it’s important to provide our neighbours with opportunities to take part in all aspects of the operation. Our connections with Indigenous communities have been fostered since Syncrude’s beginnings over 50 years ago. Being one of the nation’s largest employers of Indigenous people is an outcome of those relationships and is something Syncrude is proud to accomplish.
“One of the ways we continue this effort is to provide a platform to help tell their stories and experiences,” says Kara.

You can read Pathways magazine here.

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