Not-for-profit groups to share $78K one-time Syncrude gift

Syncrude is sending extra help through the Good Neighbours Program to community-based not-for-profit, youth or sports-oriented organizations in the Wood Buffalo region.

The move was prompted by the challenges presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has hampered Syncrude employees’ ability to volunteer in the community.

Pre-COVID, an estimated 270 Syncrude employees and retirees volunteer with their favourite organizations. Syncrude supports their efforts through the Good Neighbours employee volunteer grant program. Unfortunately, some Syncrude employees who would normally volunteer for their favourite group have found themselves unable to do so, given the pandemic and the restrictions it is placing on people and certain activities.

“One of the hallmarks of our region is how people come together to help others overcome adversity,” writes Kara Flynn, Vice-President, Government and Public Affairs, in a letter sent to 16 organizations that will be receiving or have received one-time gifts through the program.

Indeed, many Syncrude employees take great pride in volunteering to build a better community, and we are pleased to support their efforts through our Good Neighbours employee volunteer grant program.


Groups that serve the youth and provide other community supports in Wood Buffalo are the organizations most affected by the pandemic. Syncrude regards the work of these organizations as vital to the region’s overall well-being and the company wants to help so these groups can weather the challenges they are currently facing. The funds donated were meant to be a bit of extra help as various organizations navigate through these uncertain times.

Julianna Yee, a Production Analyst Specialist with Syncrude, volunteers for the McMurray Junior Badminton Club, one of the organizations that will receive a share in the one-time gift program.

“McMurray Junior Badminton Club is very grateful for the Good Neighbours Programs all these years.  Thank you to the special Syncrude Good Neighbours Program one-time gift this year.


“It means a lot to our junior badminton club players. The additional funding will allow us better prepare the young athletes for future competitions and Wood Buffalo 2022 Arctic Winter Games.”

Kara says she hopes the Syncrude’s gift will allow the programming of various not-for-profits youth and sports organizations to continue even under altered conditions.

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