What does it take to run at peak performance

For Syncrude’s Todd Fleming, it’s about leading his Mine Mobile team to achieve the highest standard—which is why we can count on them to get the job done right.

Todd is a Maintenance Advisor who takes Syncrude’s commitment to being a reliable producer to heart. It’s up to him to ensure the maintenance of our Mine Mobile equipment is always running on time and on budget.

Essentially, we focus on ensuring that mobile heavy equipment is operating at peak performance so that Syncrude’s operations can continue to run reliably.

– todd fleming

It’s a high pressure position, but you would never guess it by gauging Todd’s demeanor. With his warm smile and friendly disposition, it’s easy to understand why he is so well liked and well respected. For him, it’s about treating colleagues and suppliers with the same level of care and regard as for family.

Speaking of kin, work has always been a family affair for Todd. His father was a mechanic at Syncrude. His three brothers work here. Now his son-in-law is part of the team. He’s proud to be part of a three-generation Syncrude family, and pleased that he still takes pride in what he does even after 30 years with the company.

“Every day comes with its own challenges and rewards but it’s the days when you actually see yourself making a difference and you’ve been able to help people remove barriers and do their work that I take the most pride in,” notes Todd.

By putting people first and making reliability a priority, people like Todd are keep Syncrude moving forward. Together, our 5,000 employees have what it takes for us to succeed.

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