Audrey: a leader in reclamation work

Women have been in leadership roles at Syncrude in various disciplines for decades. Take Audrey Lanoue, who leads the Mine Closure Research Team, as an example. She’s one of the company’s leaders when it comes to reclamation work.

For Audrey, reclamation isn’t just about meeting regulatory requirements, it’s about achieving world-class outcomes by harnessing the knowledge of the brightest scientific minds. That’s why experts from Syncrude work together with leading university researchers to return mine land back to nature.

Audrey’s journey with Syncrude began in 1997, collecting soil samples in reclaimed areas as a summer student. She can’t believe how far things have come.

Areas that were reclaimed when I started working at Syncrude are now hard to distinguish from the surrounding landscape.

Audrey Lanoue

Our research and monitoring is showing that our reclamation practices are effective, but the ultimate test for me will be seeing our reclaimed land being used by the people of Alberta. That’s what drives me.”

“Historically, we have had two teams working on Mine Closure research, one focused on tailings and the other on reclamation and water.”

Treated mine tailings must be incorporated into reclaimed landscapes. The Mine Closure Research team integrates tailings technology, reclamation and water research into a single team. “We know that tailings, landforms, soil, vegetation, and wildlife are all connected by water. With a team of experts across all these areas we are better positioned to address the challenges and opportunities of mine closure. It’s another example of how we’re always looking for a better way.”

By championing a holistic approach to reclamation, people like Audrey keep Syncrude moving forward. We’re proud to shine a spotlight during Women’s History Month on the important work women have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

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