From Syncrude’s United Way to COVID-19 Response Team: Celebrating Women’s History Month

Many roles, tasks and priorities shifted in March when Syncrude placed emphasis on response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Past Syncrude United Way Campaign Chair, and one to dive in to help when needed, Team Leader, Technical, Maria McLean, took charge as Compliance Monitoring Lead for the COVID-19 Response Team (CRT).

“I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with people from different departments throughout the organization. Seeing everyone coming together for a collective cause makes me so proud to be a Syncrude employee,” says Maria.

In her CRT role as Compliance Monitoring Team Lead, Maria manages a group of 15 plus COVID-19 Compliance Monitors. She ensures the Compliance Monitors are equipped with up-to-date resources and knowledge to enforce Syncrude’s COVID-19 policies.

As things change, we must react. Our direction changes with the latest rules and policies.

– Maria MClEAN

Maria credits her team with her success in the role: “I couldn’t do it without the support of my absolutely amazing team. I always get the support I need, when I need it.”

Maria admits it’s not always easy and some days are tough. “The role can be challenging. Adapting to change can be uncomfortable for some but once we explain the logic, they’re typically happy to comply with the new rules,” she says.

As for advice to other women who want to make a difference: “Never say ‘no’ when an opportunity presents itself. The friendships I’ve made and the collaboration I’ve been privileged to has afforded me amazing career development,” says Maria. “For women, it’s important to take opportunities. You won’t know what’s out there if you don’t take a chance.”

Syncrude is proud to celebrate the many outstanding achievements by women in the organization, and takes this time to officially recognize that during Women’s History Month.

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