A wake-up call that changes the way a Syncrude pipefitter protects his family

Dustin Evans, a Syncrude Pipefitter, goes above and beyond every day to keep his family safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Dustin’s wife, two children and dog are his first priority and the reason he takes extra precautions to combat the spread of COVID. “Both of my kids have asthma, making them even more vulnerable to the virus,” says Dustin. “My wife and son Ethan, who also has type one diabetes, had signs of COVID earlier this year, but thankfully tested negative. It scared us and acted as a real wake-up call. Since then, we’ve put more measures in place to keep our family safe during this pandemic.” 

The first thing I do when I land in my driveway after a day of work is sanitize my badge, keys and cell phone. Then I change my clothes in the garage, and wash them separately from my family’s laundry, just to be extra safe.

– dustin evan

Dustin then heads straight to the shower to clean up and disinfect, bypassing his dog at the door, eagerly waiting to greet him. “Only once I’ve cleaned up will I finally greet my wife, kids and dog.” 

Dustin is the only one from his household that goes out to buy groceries – reducing the amount of interactions his wife and kids have with the public. After returning home from grocery shopping, Dustin and his wife take the time to wash the produce and wipe everything down before putting the items away, so that they’re sure everything has been disinfected. 

Gilles Champagne, part of the Compliance Monitoring Team appreciates the work employees are doing to stay safe: “I think it’s fantastic to see how Syncrude employees are following the protocols put in place. It’s also great that employees understand the fight against COVID-19 does not end once you leave the gate, as most have families to protect at home.” 

“Think about it as if you already have the virus, and are trying to not spread it,” says Dustin in closing.

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