Syncrude ‘masks up’ for COVID safety

Starting on April 25, the mandatory use of non-medical masks for site-critical workers came into effect at Syncrude.

“We know that using all our preventative measures together will strengthen our ability to keep people safe. Practicing physical distancing, washing our hands, sanitizing surfaces and wearing a mask can all work together to form a solid shield against the virus,” says Stephen Pocsai, COVID Response Team Lead.

To aid in the implementation of personal barriers, Syncrude is distributing Personal Care Packages to on-site employees and contractors, which includes a hand sanitizer and two reusable face masks (with use and cleaning instructions). The masks are designed to be usable in all areas of the plant and pose no safety risks.

The masks included in the package are not the only option a worker can use as a personal barrier.

Anything that effectively covers the mouth and nose and prevents droplet spread is a suitable alternative, providing it does not pose any risk to you or those around you.

Here are some of the ways site-critical workers are keeping themselves and others safe with their personal barriers.

Employees can refer to the COVID-19 page on Syncrude Central for our company’s most up-to-date protocols and recommendations.

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