Safety top of mind as Syncrude prepares for the biggest project of 2019

Anyone who has helped organize an event, whether big or small, can appreciate the amount of coordination and planning it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Now imagine the complexities involved with preparing for Syncrude’s major Turnaround event, Project Falcon, with approximately 3,000 extra workers on site, more than one million work hours, and maintenance to be performed on 18 different process units within a small window of time.

As the Fall Turnaround quickly approaches, 2019 Turnaround Event Manager Jim Scott believes that the team’s focus on collaboration will help them execute Syncrude’s biggest project of the year with success.

“There are a lot of moving parts involved with preparing for a Turnaround event which requires a joint effort from across the organization,” says Jim. “I’m proud of the core team we’ve established with a single point of contact representing different functions such as Planning & Scheduling, Operations, Technical Engineering & Inspections, Labour Relations, Health, Safety & Environment, Contracts, Procurement, Logistics, Project Integration, and Central Maintenance Shops. The core team of more than 15 people work together with the three Turnaround Execution Managers to help bring all the pieces together.”

Getting ready for Project Falcon, Jim, who has more than 39 years of industry experience, has three main goals: emphasize safety so Nobody Gets Hurt, ensure a solid plan is in place, and use strong communication throughout the planning and execution phases so that everyone has a clear idea of what to do.

Jim Scott, Event Manager at Syncrude

A large part of planning for Project Falcon includes people management. This includes ensuring teams are set up with workers with the right skills and competencies. Also, handling logistics such as preparing lunch room spaces, lodging and busing.

“There is a lot of great work being done in preparation of Project Falcon,” says Jim. “This event demonstrates the value of people working together towards common goals. I’m confident in our plans and in the team’s ability to safely and successfully execute this large-scale event.”

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