Syncrude Proud – Jimmy MacRae

What does it take to be a good neighbour?

For Syncrude’s Jimmy MacRae, it’s about helping out wherever you can, however you can. And as a Heavy Duty Mechanic by trade, it turns out Jimmy isn’t just handy around home, he’s also helpful in the community.

“It all started when my wife Kelly, who is Director of Birchwood School, a childcare facility run by the YMCA, got a call that the school’s roof was leaking and ceiling tiles had fallen off,” explains Jimmy. “She and I went over at midnight to get it fixed and the facility cleaned up for the kids on Monday.”
Ever since, anytime Birchwood has needed a helping hand, Jimmy has stepped in to do whatever he can to help the daycare run safely—mending fences, fixing sandboxes, mowing the grass, and much more.
Jimmy started volunteering at Birchwood 10 years ago, before he and Kelly had children. But now that they’ve had two boys, one who has been through the program and another that is currently in it, Jimmy has an even deeper appreciation for the daycare.

Birchwood has given my family a lot and I want to give something back.

Jimmy MacRae

“I don’t expect anything in return for my help, I just hope it shows my kids the importance of giving back to the people and places that are important to you.”
By epitomizing what it means to be a good neighbour, people like Jimmy keep Syncrude moving forward. Together, our 4,700 employees have what it takes for us to succeed.

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