Syncrude recognizes Jennifer MacLachlan

As the wife of Mike Caldwell, a team lead at Syncrude, Jenn says, “Be safe” to her husband every day as he leaves for work. And she knows he takes the message to heart. The proof is plain to see, right there on his gloves.

“The very first time Mike wrote on his gloves was before the kids were born, he just wrote my name,” says Jenn. “I worked in the tool crib and he came to show me. When Jasper was born, he started writing his name as well and then added Ryder after he was born. Now every time he gets a new set of gloves, he writes all three of our names on them.”

Jenn coudn’t be more proud that her husband chooses to focus on his family as his motivation to work safely.

“When Mike shows the kids his gloves, he tells them that they’re the reason he goes to work every morning and the reason he’s so excited to come home at the end of the day,” adds Jenn.

The fact that Mike places such importance on worksite safety isn’t a surprise to Jenn. She says that safety has always been second nature for her husband.

“Mike has worked so hard to move up into a leadership role so that he can enact real change in terms of safety on the worksite,” says Jenn. “

He has always had the safety of others top of mind and he’s never been afraid to speak out when he sees or hears about safety hazards on site.

jennifer Maclachlan

As Jenn points out, Mike’s safety routine may be catching on.

“A guy at work came up to Mike and showed him that he had wrote the names of his own family members on his gloves. Mike was pretty stunned. He had always just done it for himself and to see that others are doing it makes him feel grateful and proud.”

It’s clear the Caldwell family feels that safety should always come first. Syncrude applauds Jenn and Mike for their dedication to our deeply-rooted commitment that everyone returns home safely to what matters most.

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