Let’s Do This – Mike Caldwell

What does it take to make safety personal?

For Syncrude’s Mike Caldwell, it’s all about finding the right motivation. And there’s no doubt what that is for Mike: his family. After all, they’re the reason he goes to work in the morning and they’re what drive him to get home safe at end of the day.

“There’s no better feeling than having my boys run to the door to greet me as I get home from work,” says Mike.

As team lead, Mike always puts safety first. “Syncrude has a deep commitment to keeping everyone safe,” adds Mike. “So I try to do my part to always set a good example for my team.”

That’s why the first thing he does with each new pair of work gloves he gets—and he’s issued dozens every year—is grab a marker and write the names of his wife Jenn and two sons Jasper and Ryder on them.

“Having worked all over Upgrading has allowed me to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for what we do in the plant, as well as the various hazards associated with the work,” says Mike.

If writing on my gloves inspires even just one person to work safer, it will be worthwhile.

mike caldwell

It turns out Mike’s routine has been inspirational. Other team members have begun writing their motivation for working safely on their gloves: loved ones names, pets names, even the word “retirement”. And Syncrude proudly applauds every one of them for showing their dedication to our deeply-rooted commitment that everyone returns home safely.

By making safety personal, people like Mike keep Syncrude moving forward. Together, our 4,700 employees have what it takes for us to succeed.

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