Syncrude shares reclamation story at Keyano College conference

Glen Finnson, Vice President of Safety, Security, Health and Environment, recently represented Syncrude on a panel at the 6th Annual Keyano College University Studies conference.

The program for the day – Imaginary Boundaries: Bridging the Gap between the Arts and the Sciences – was inspired by the collaboration between the two main academic streams at the college.

Glen’s talk demonstrated how reclamation is both a science and an art. 

“After disturbance and through time, we re-establish equivalent — not identical — ecosystem capability,” he told the audience.

We have a vision for how we will leave our site when we are finished our work. We developed this in consultation with our Aboriginal partners, and it is a fundamental part of our business plan.

Glen finnson

Panel Chair Mark Stobbe welcomed the involvement of industry in the conference. “I grew up in a mining town,” he said, “when companies just left after working out a deposit. I’ve seen a huge change for the better as corporations like Syncrude and Suncor are working very hard to restore the land they’ve mined.”

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