Let’s Do This – Jonathan Farrell

What does it take…to optimize project planning?

For Syncrude’s Jonathan Farrell, manager of the 2018 Denali Turnaround, it’s about analyzing all activities to identify and implement efficiencies.

Starting three years ahead of the project, Jonathan and his team applied Kaizen, the Japanese culture of continuous improvement to scour every opportunity to improve the path from start to finish. Working together, employees from across the organization pinpointed more than 200 improvement opportunities resulting in a shortened schedule, meaning a quicker return to production and the potential to save millions.

“We looked at every activity line by line and mapped it all out on the wall,” says Jonathon. “From day one of shutting the units down to getting feed back in, some of these activities take thousands of steps. We found ways to produce more resourceful and timely plans while maintaining our commitment to safety and reliability.”

With their team spirit and resolve, people like the Jonathan Farrell keep Syncrude moving forward. Together, our 4,700 employees have what it takes for us to succeed.

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