Let’s Do This – Bill Derksen

What does it take to lead, to succeed and to do better?

For Syncrude’s Bill Derksen, it’s about finding a better way to do his job every day through innovation. As an Area Inspector for Materials & Inspection Services, he is responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance and improving reliability.

Bill has helped reimagine Syncrude’s usual approach to pipe inspection. He and his team have worked to streamline the process to efficiently complete more than 11,000 inspections.

He uses simple tools and resourceful thinking to create a major impact. “Not all efficiencies or innovations need to be complex,” says Bill. “The best ones have come to me when I’m sitting around a table on a break with my coworkers throwing out ideas.”

With their team spirit and resolve, people like Bill keep Syncrude moving forward. Together, our 4,700 employees have what it takes for us to succeed.

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