Syncrude marks food drive’s silver anniversary with $85,000 donation

To celebrate the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Drive’s 25th anniversary, Syncrude will donate $85,000 to this year’s Corporate Challenge.

“Syncrude is proud to have supported the Wood Buffalo Food Bank for more than 20 years,” says President and CEO Mark Ward. “The food bank provides vital services to the community. We’re confident the people of this region will respond with their continued generosity, which has always seen the food bank’s shelves filled.”

The Corporate Challenge is a one-day fundraiser that encourages pledges and challenges from businesses, clubs, service groups and individuals. Syncrude has donated more than $500,000 to the food bank in the past five years through the annual Corporate Challenge event. 

Following the Corporate Challenge, the Syncrude Food Bank Drive will run from Dec. 1 to 3. Stationed at grocery stores and other retailers across the region, volunteers will collect food and cash donations to help provide warm meals to community members in need.

The Syncrude Food Drive and Corporate Challenge provide much more than a hamper of groceries. Syncrude is providing something even more powerful, more meaningful; hope

Arianna johnson

Executive Director of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank

“Without Syncrude’s yearly support, this Food Drive would not be nearly as successful. We are so grateful they are alongside us every year as we fight hunger issues in the community.”

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank is looking to raise $350,000 and a total of 75,000 pounds of food in this year’s drive.

The Syncrude Project is a joint venture undertaking among Imperial Oil Resources Limited; Mocal Energy Limited; Nexen Oil Sands Partnership; Sinopec Oil Sands Partnership; and Suncor Energy Inc. (with the Suncor interest held by Canadian Oil Sands Partnership #1 and Suncor Energy Ventures Partnership, both wholly owned affiliates of Suncor Energy Inc.).

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