2017 Syncrude United Way Campaign exceeds target

The 2017 Syncrude United Way campaign raised more than $2.4 million.

“I’m so proud of the campaign’s volunteers and how they took on big challenges and did extremely well at reaching out to people. They are the reason we were successful,” says campaign chair Andre Lambert. “Participation numbers increased this year which is the true indication of this year’s campaign success.”

This year’s campaign easily surpassed its target goal of $2.11 million thanks to all who participated by organizing and volunteering at the many events, pledging money, as well as purchasing merchandise, tickets and food. Events included pizza days, bake sales, BBQs, chili cook-offs, cake bake-off and softball tournament.

Andre and co-chair Tara Chilinski spoke at 136 team meetings to explain the many programs the United Way supports and their impact in the community.

“We met with hundreds of employees, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support from leadership to allow their employees to have the time to listen to the presentations and ask questions,” says Tara.

With more than 760 first-time donors, the campaign accomplished its objective of informing more people about the United Way and their 31 member agencies.

Along with the final campaign results, the October 26 campaign closeout event celebrated the end of a successful campaign with cupcakes and prize winners. Cecilia Mutch, Executive Director of United Way Fort McMurray, and Steve Yatauro, Vice President, Production – Upgrading, Fort McMurray United Way Community Campaign Chair and Syncrude’s United Way Employee Campaign executive sponsor, also thanked the volunteers for their dedication.

“Syncrude’s generosity has been remarkable,” says Steve. “Andre’s dedication and heart led the campaign, and there will be an incredible impact made on the community thanks to his leadership.”

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