Syncrude releases report on sustainability performance and responsible development

Syncrude has released its 2016 Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s performance in key areas such environment and safety, Indigenous and employee relations, community support and economic impact.

As well, this year’s edition reviews the 2016 wildfire and the company’s response to ensure the well-being of employees and the local region.

“The sustainability report helps to tell the Syncrude story from the perspective of what matters most to our neighbours and stakeholders,” says Kara Flynn, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs. “It also gives us an opportunity to examine our successes and challenges, while laying the groundwork for where we are heading in the future.”

The report is structured around the key issues identified by stakeholders and communities of interest through an independent research assessment.

This research has also established a

path forward

for the company in regards to its sustainability priorities, specifically: Land and Biodiversity, Tailings Management, Water, Climate Change, Indigenous Relations, and Regulatory and Government Relations.

In addition, the report reviews the impact of the 2016 wildfire which forced the company to shut its facilities for the first time in its history and then restart operations, all the while effectively managing a workforce experiencing tremendous upheaval and distress.

Our employees demonstrated outstanding commitment to the organization throughout the emergency and recovery

Kara flynn

“The theme of the report, Up to the Challenge, truly embodies how our workforce responded to ensure the safety of their colleagues and protection of the environment, operations and jobs.”

Other highlights for 2016 include:


  • Reclamation of 126 hectares of former mine areas; over 3,600 hectares to date
  • 400,000 tree and shrub seedlings planted on reclaimed areas; 8.1 million to date
  • Successful first year of operation for $1.9 billion centrifuge tailings plant
  • Seven per cent greater energy efficiency than previous reporting year
  • 87 per cent of all water used recycled from tailings facilities

Indigenous and Community Relations:

  • Highest level of Aboriginal employment in 10 years
  • Cumulative spending with Aboriginal-owned companies now over $2.6 billion
  • $5.9 million invested in community projects and initiatives

Economic Value:

  • Annual Canadian economic contribution of $4.4 billion
  • $68.9 million invested in research and development of new processes and technologies

To learn more, visit Syncrude’s 2016 Sustainability Report at

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