Bison herd grows with more than 50 new calves

Despite wildfire moving through the region, Syncrude’s herd at the Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch, located approximately 45 kilometers north of Fort McMurray, has fared well and even increased with the addition of more than 50 calves this spring.

“Wood bison are very resilient and adaptable,” says Brad Ramstead, Manager of the Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch. “The smoke from the wildfires has not seemed to bother them. In fact, it has reduced the number of flies and insects that usually bug them so they seem pretty content.”

Brad visited the ranch on Monday, May 14 before the mandatory evacuation was extended north of Fort McMurray to include Mildred Lake.

Brad returned on Friday to check on feed, water and fencing and will continue to regularly check on them as operations resume.

Before leaving, he ensured the 190 bison and 50-plus newborns had enough feed and water in their pastures.

We separated them into different pastures because it was calving season. When the wildfires started in Fort McMurray, we moved further north as a precaution,

Brad ramstead

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