Syncrude backs healthcare and education initiatives

Syncrude is committing to improve healthcare services to benefit people in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and northern Alberta as well as expanded Aboriginal education and arts programming at Keyano College.

“Investing in the communities where we operate is a long-held value for us,” said Syncrude CEO Mark Ward, who made the announcements this week at the company’s annual community receptions in Fort McMurray and Edmonton. “Given that our success is founded on research and education, it was very appropriate to support these particular initiatives.”

Syncrude will donate $500,000 to the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation. Syncrude’s investment will support the development of a Brain Imaging and Treatment Unit that will include Gamma Knife radiosurgery, an advanced, incision-free procedure for patients facing brain tumours, epilepsy and other complex neurological conditions. The gift will also support the expansion of the Telestroke program, providing patients across Alberta and northern Canada with access to the University of Alberta Hospital’s stroke team.

“Syncrude’s generous support of the Brain Centre Campaign will help transform the way patients facing devastating brain conditions are diagnosed and treated,” said Kim Wheaton, Chair of the University Hospital Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

And since those patients come from across Alberta, the territories, northern British Columbia and parts of the Prairies, Syncrude’s support will benefit many patients, families and communities.

Kim wheaton

Syncrude also pledged $250,000 to Wellspring Edmonton, a new centre for cancer patients undergoing treatment. This money will fund outreach programming for cancer patients re-entering the workforce.

Syncrude will also provide $2.5 million to Keyano College to support Aboriginal education and arts programming.

“Syncrude has been a valued supporter of Keyano College for decades,” said Dr. Kevin Nagel, the college’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Today’s investment enables us to expand our programs and services to an ever-growing number of students. Syncrude’s ongoing support will benefit our students and further position the college as an integral part of the community and a cultural hub for the region, which is greatly appreciated.”

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