Syncrude invests $500,000 in Environment Gallery at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton

Syncrude’s $500,000 investment will support science education through the operations of the Syncrude Environment Gallery at the TELUS World of Science –Edmonton.

The Syncrude Environment Gallery encourages dialogue about energy solutions and the complex issues surrounding environmental science by giving visitors first-hand experience with oil sands and information on the role of science in addressing environmental impacts. The gallery also features information on topics that include recycling, weather, geological sciences and alternative energy. 

“Our new Syncrude Environment Gallery combines the latest technology with interactive experiences. Our visitors are immersed in the scientific process and can develop their own understanding of how we know what we know about the environment,” says George Smith, President and CEO, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. “To inspire life-long learning, we have developed an experience that builds critical thinking skills and embraces the thrill of scientific discovery. The gallery helps to build the skills and knowledge needed for understanding the complex system of environmental science.”

The gallery opened in October 2012 following a $2-million investment by the science centre to build an interactive gallery focused on Alberta connections and understanding the complexity of environmental science.

“Science and innovation have fueled Syncrude since day one,” says Syncrude President and CEO Scott Sullivan. “We are proud to support this environment gallery that gives visitors an opportunity to learn first-hand how science is key to addressing the environmental impacts in our world.”

Syncrude began with a research department in Edmonton nearly half a century ago in 1964. Today, more than half of the company’s research spending and programs are directed toward improving its environmental performance.

Syncrude has been a long-time supporter of programs and facilities for northern Alberta residents. In the last five years, Syncrude has invested close to $6 million in a variety of Edmonton-based programs.

The Syncrude Project is a Joint Venture undertaking among Canadian Oil Sands Limited, Imperial Oil Resources, Mocal Energy Limited, Murphy Oil Company Ltd., Nexen Oil Sands Partnership, Sinopec Oil Sands Partnership and Suncor Energy Ventures Partnership.

TELUS World of Science – Edmonton is a broad-based science centre inspiring and motivating people to learn about and contribute to science and technology. The centre is a leader in providing high quality, interactive programs and exhibits for the Alberta community, and attracted more than 500,000 visitors in 2012. The centre provides an avenue for both learning and entertainment which sparks the imagination of people of all ages. The Edmonton Space & Science Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates TELUS World of Science – Edmonton.

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