Community Bulletin Update – Syncrude responding to odour complaints

Syncrude is deeply concerned about the odour complaints resulting from the start-up of our expansion project.

Syncrude is deeply concerned about the odour complaints resulting from the start-up of our expansion project. We are fully aware of the impact our operations are having on the region and our own employees, and are receiving regular updates on the situation.
Syncrude has requested and received additional expertise from scientists and specialists regarding the recent odour concerns.

These professionals are working to get a full appraisal of all compounds, which may be contributing to the odourous situation.

In addition, Syncrude has also taken the following operational steps to reduce the potential for further odour excursions:

  • The rates of coker 8-3 have been reduced to the minimum rates at which operational checks can be conducted to identify the source of the odour
  • Syncrude has assigned a significant number of our staff to help determine the cause of the odour and the appropriate steps required to solve the situation

We ask that all concerns and complaints of odour originating from any regional source be reported to the Alberta Environment 24-hour hotline at 1-800-222-6514. This ensures Alberta Environment acts on every call. You can request a reference number for follow-up.

Alberta Environment will contact the proper Syncrude personnel upon notice, who will respond accordingly. Syncrude considers all odour concerns to be a serious matter, and treats them as such.

When odour concerns are reported, Syncrude dispatches its mobile air monitoring vehicle to analyze local air quality and results are forwarded to Alberta Environment. In addition, the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association operates air quality monitoring stations throughout the region. Up-to-date air quality readings can be accessed at

Syncrude thanks all of our neighbours for your patience and understanding during this transitional period. We are committed to improving the quality of life in the Wood Buffalo region and will continue to work hard to meet your expectations for responsible oil sands development.

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